The CR Reporting and Communications Summit 2017

The CR Reporting and Communications Summit 2017

Participants will learn the basic investing concepts, the many different variations of traditional investments available and which type of investments are most suitable for their needs. The course will delve into the history of the capital markets, their role in the economy, the different types of markets, and the activities of Exchanges. Participants will also learn about the difference between bonds and equities, what they are, their special characteristics and terminology, how they are priced and the risks of owning such investments. Students will also learn about various investment styles such as value, growth, and fund investing. Students will be taught how to and why they should take a critical look at all investing options based on sound risk/reward assumptions.

Event Details

Sun 14 Feb 2016
16:00 Till 20:00
Malta Stock Exchange
Garrison Chapel, Valletta

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